What is ZedFS?

ZFS is the last word in the filesystem period. Many administrators are confused about using it – because ZFS is more than a filesystem. It introduces many new concepts. This blog’s mission is to bring ZFS to more homes/companies and show that we don’t need any other filesystem.

The ZedFS gathers information and tutorials about ZFS. If you are curious about ZFS, this website will become your home.

Ok, but why Z*ed*FS?

There is an endless discussion if we should pronounce ZFS as ZeeFS or ZedFS. The debate is so hot that even Michael W Lucas and Allan Jude (the authors of the FreeBSD Mastery: Advanced ZFS) disagreed on how we should pronounce ZFS. Because of that, there is a Canadian version of the “ZedFS FreeBSD Mastery.” (The story of the book). If you are from the ZeeFS camp, then ‘ed’ in the blog’s name is from EDucation.

About the author

My name is Mariusz Zaborski, also known as oshogbo.
Nice to meet you!

I’m a Polish software developer. My main areas of interest are filesystems, OS security and low-level programming. During the day I work as a manager and a software developer at Fudo Security. I lead a team in developing solutions to monitor, record and control network traffic in an IT infrastructure – the best PAM solution in the world.

In my free time I also contribute to the open source community. I’m a FreeBSD committer since 2015. In 2018, with my friends from Fudo Security, we started a Polish BSD User Group (BSD-PL), which hold meetings every month.

If you are more curious about me, I would like to invite you to my personal blog and twitter.


You can reach me via email at oshogbo@FreeBSD.org or DMs on twitter.